Exivi de paradiso

This english translation has been made from the latin text found in the Annales Minorum of L.Wadding, vol. 6., pp. 202-211.

Declaration of the supreme Pontiff on the Rule of the Friars Minor

Clement V
Supreme Pontiff
Servant of the Servants of God

May 6, 1312 A.D. with the Ecumenical Council of Vienne in session

The Popes clarify the rule.

The affection of the Pontiff towards the professors of the rule

The Friars are not bound to every Evangelical counsel. The Friars are bound to all that pertains to the three vows.

Whether the Friars might licitly receive from the goods of those entering religion, if they are given by him. Cautions to be observed by the Friars about the reception of the offering from those entering religion.

Clarification about fasting.

Alms boxes are prohibited. The Friars are not to have recourse to money except for cases mentioned by Nicholas III. Cautions to be observed by the Friars about money when it is so deposited. Concerning the deposit and the depositor.

The Supreme Pontiffs receive in their own name and that of the Roman Church the dominion of those things of which it is licit for the Friars to have the use. The Friars Minor are not capable of inheriting since in these things dominion passes to the heirs. The Friars cannot receive annual returns nor possessions nor their use.

The Friars cannot have gardens, vineyards, nor the like. They may not have churches excessive in size. They may have modest and humble buildings.

Text within curved brackets appears in the orginal latin text. Paragraph headings are those of L. Wadding.

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