Franciscan History

Primary Sources


Il Museo delle Arti Monastiche, Serra de’Conti, Italia


The Franciscan Archive is proud to host these pages on the Museum of Monastic Art, which features the cultural arts of the Poor Clare Convent, of Serra dei Conti, in Le Marche, Italy.



Secondary Sources


The Franciscan Experience: Living the Gospel through the Centuries, by Fr. Noel Muscat, OFM


An extensive and illustrated “cyber course” on the Life of Sts. Francis and Clare, and the history of their Orders.


A History of the Franciscan Order, by Archbishop Paschal Robinson, OFM, c/o CE


            A brief introduction to the Franciscan Orders, with links to many other related articles at the Catholic Encyclopedia.


Enciclopedia Franciscana, a collection of articles on Franciscan History, c/o OFM Val


The Fourth Lateran Council: 1215 A.D.


The fourth, infallible, ecumenical council of the Lateran, which St. Francis attended, and which so influenced his religious life and apostolate.


History of the Council (CE)


Documents of the Council:


in English:       English  / English / English c/o The Medieval Source Book


in Spanish:      Chapter I, “On the Catholic Faith” c/o (BEBF)

Chapters X, XI & XII : On Preaching, the errors of Abbot Joachim, on Monastic Chapters and against new Religious Orders, c/o (BEBF)


Chapter LXXI, “On the Crusades” , c/o (BEBF)

Decree against Heretics, including the Albigensians and Abbot Joachim de Fiore



St. Francis and the Development of the Roman Rite, an excerpt from Dom Fernand Cabrol's Mass of the Western Rites, chapter X


Scotism and Scotists, by Parthenius Minges c/o CE


Reason and Faith for St. Thomas Aquinas and Bl. John Duns Scotus , by Sule Elkatip


La Scolastica, al cura di Riflessioni


La Scolatica, al cura di


Capituo General de Perusa de 1322: sobre La propiedad privada de Cristo c/o (BEBF)


Los capuchinos Genoveses en el Río de la Plata, Antonio María Barbieri, c/o (BEBF)


La Lucha De Los Capuchinos Contra La Esclavitud De Los Negros en los siglos XVII y XVIII,  Gregorio Smutko, ofm. cap., c/o (BEBF)


Historia de la Orden de Frailes Menores Capuchinos, Anselmo Gómez & Ignacio Marlés, OFMCaps., c/o (BEBF)


Los Franciscanos y las Misiones Populares en América Latina, Mariano Errasti, c/o (BEBF)


The Spirituals: the early Franciscan Movement which exaggerated the poverty of St. Francis


The Council of Vienne, at which Pope Clement V issued Exivi de paridiso, c/o CE


Franciscan views of Papal and Royal Soveriegnty: A case for a contextual approach, by Bert Roest (Leeds Medieval Congress: 1997)


Religious Orders, The Indian, And The Conquest: Fifty Years of Dispute and Contradiction, by Maria Paz Haro


The Missions of California, history and images


Reseña histórica de la Provincia Franciscana de Cartagena, OFM (Español)


Medieval Ideas of Apocalyptic Mission and the Early Franciscans in Mexico , by Delno C. West


Spanish Colonial Tuscon: A Demographic History, c/o University of Arizona Library – chapters 3-5 tell of the work of the Alcantarines in colonial Tuscon, Arizona, USA.


The Franciscan Martyrs of Greenwich, England : by Mike Hennessey


The Young Friar and the Emperor, by O. M. Alves 


The First Thanksgiving Was Catholic and Franciscan!


The History of the Alcantarines in Colonial West Texas with biographies c/o Texas Almanac


Cause of Franciscan Martyrs of Georgia advances, as possible relic of one martyr is studied at Arizona State University






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